Lifestyle Portraits

Pricing & Packages

A lifestyle location shoot costs $300. This includes a $150 print voucher to go towards any products from my print shop.

You will be invited to come and view your images from your shoot at my studio on Waiheke Island where you will have the opportunity to order fine art prints, folio boxes, wall art and albums. I have beautiful samples at the studio to show you to help you make the right decisions for your home.

With every print purchased you will receive the digital file of the corresponding size.

Circular Prints

My most popular circle prints on handmade paper

Starting from $650

Folio Boxes

Beautiful boxes of matted prints ready to pop into a frame

Starting from $1000

Framed Wall Art

The kind of frame that will hang anywhere and look like it has always been there

Starting at $450


Prints worthy of being in an art gallery

starting from $250

Price List

Master Fine Art Prints

Stunningly detailed prints that will last well over 100 years with proper care. Pigment prints printed in a pro lab with the high standards a good pro lab demand are worthy of being in an art gallery and worth of the words 'fine art'.

Unframed individual Photographs

Desktop 8 x 12 inch (20 x 30cm/A4) - $250

Mantlepiece 12 x 16 inch (30 x 40 cm) - $400

Small wall 16 x 20 inch (40 x 50 cm) - $600

Medium wall A1 20 x 30 inch (50 x 75 cm) - $1000

Feature wall A0 30 x 40 inch (75 x 100 cm) - $1500

Circular Prints

Raw Mounting

With this technique we adhere a piece of thick gator foam to the back of the print and attach a hanger. This allows the print to be displayed with nothing else around it, modern and textural.

29 cm round $650

56 cm round $1000

Folio Boxes of matted prints

ready for framing

11x14 inch matts, 8x12 inch prints

6 images - $1000 / 15 images - $1500 / 25 images - $3000

Prints in a gift box

Matte Art paper

5x7 inches

6 images - $800 / 15 images - $1200 / 25 images - $2000

Framed Prints or Canvas prints

An old favourite, it is the kind of frame that will hang anywhere and look like it has always been there. The frame can be black, white, teak, birch, walnut and silver, with a mat that then surrounds the photograph.

Small wall 8 x 12“ inch (20x30cm/A4) - $450

Mantlepiece 12 x 16 inch (30 x 40cm) - $600

Medium wall 16 x 20 inch (40x50cm) - $800

Large wall 20 x 30 inch (50x60cm) - $1500

Feature wall 30 x 40 inch (76x100cm) - $2000


Traditional Kodak photographic album is hand constructed using Italian book binding machines and techniques. Traditional Kodak photographic paper sandwiched with archival adhesives allows stunning double page spreads on single sheets of paper. Each page thick and luxurious ready to be loved and pored over for generations. Bound with stunning range of materials, that need to be seen and touched to be believed.

Album 6 x 8 inches 10 spreads (20 pages) $1200

Album 10 x 10 inches 15 spreads (30 pages) $2500

COVER TYPE: Modern photo cover

Duplicate albums, ideal for other family members are 40% off original price. Must be ordered at the same time as the original album


Why are you a print studio?

Life is precious and fleeting. Memories that matter and bring us joy, need to be brought to life. So what happens when we grow up in a society of picture takers but not photo printers? We get a disconnect. Photo printing brings those moments back into our lives and they are tangible and easily accessible. They are shared when printed. They give children a sense of security and belonging when the photos are displayed throughout their own home.

When something lives in the digital world, it is easily scrolled past, or swiped away and forgotten forever. Digital photos live a ghostly existence.
We experience digital photos like a dream. Just as a dream vanishes when we wake up, a digital photo vanishes as we scroll past it or close the file. But as a print, your photograph becomes part of the real world and a part of your life.

An ever-changing sea of digital images is part of your daily landscape. Images pound you like waves, only to disappear once they’ve made contact. They exhaust you as they hit all day long. You live in a chaotic world where you are most likely to forget what is important in life.
You should print photos that inspire you and call you to a good life. The portraits you hang can remind you of who is important in life. Even the landscape you print can calm and inspire you in tough moments.

Also you can never say for sure if your files are safe Because life changes all the time, and so does software
File applications change all the time – how do you know you’ll be able to access your files in 20 or 30 years? Storage, cloud systems – all of that will change. Google may be ubiquitous now, but who knows what’s around the corner?

And what we do know about photos printed on photo paper is that they last! We have photographs that are still around 150 years after they were printed.

Where are you based?

My studio is based on Waiheke Island in NZ and I do most of my work here and sometimes come over to Auckland which is just a 30min ferry ride away.

How many photographs will we see?

I choose the very best from your photo shoot and work on them in post production. I bring out the best in each photograph by using my own editing style. The number of images that I edit and you will view is 25.

When will we see our photos?

Your photos will be ready two-three weeks after the shoot takes place. I will invite you into my Waiheke studio for a viewing of your images where you can make a print order from your images.

Do you come off Waiheke for shoots?

Yes, I come off Waiheke for shoots in Auckland or beyond. I love the way my creativity is tested in new surroundings.

I can travel if you are further away from Auckland.

New locations inspire me so that's not a problem and I am quick to suss out good opportunities for what would make a great capture on camera.

Can I buy digital files?

Yes, but don't forget that you get the digital file with each of your print purchases of the same size at no extra cost.

If you just want a digital file on its own without the print it costs $600 per single digital file and $5000 for the edited collection of 25 images.

Do I have to order prints?

No, you don't have to order anything but your photographs will be archived after two weeks and removed after a year. There is a $250 recovery charge to make your shoot active again.