Fine art photography is my interpretation of the world around me. I have a collection of art in my gallery on Waiheke Island located at 26 Tahi Road, Waiheke Island

Please feel free to come and visit me at the gallery Wed - Sat 9-3pm or get in touch for orders

Current Gallery Collections

Grind - My most recent project, taken on my 35mm SLR Nikon camera on black and white film. I love the grain and simple raw beauty in the textures of the images

Delicate - Taken over the years whenever I see a fascinating mushroom, started from our family walks in the woods

Blossom - Blooms of all colours and textures make for beautiful images, I can't resist taking images of the colours and textures from this symbol of Spring and new life

Stunning - Beautiful scenes from a family holiday up north to a family batch, it was just one of those magical places that vibrated with energy on the olden days

Seascapes - I live on an island, the sea has become my new subject, as an artist you absorb what is around you on a day to day basis and create emotions from it