As soon as I had wings I had to fly from home to find myself and my own way. I travelled for years to lands that gave me everything to grow and see my life from many perspectives and I realised that there was much more. I took the paths that were my own choices, befriended like minds and felt a freedom that had been missing. 

Give me the natural elements wind, rain, sun, water and earth and I feel the wildness that it evokes. Freedom I felt whilst walking in those wild places from roaming in the Indian valleys of the Himalayas to the beautiful intense red earth of the Australian outback. I like to celebrate the wind whipping up hair, stormy skies and water droplets running away. A beauty that is straight forward without ego, based firmly in nature.

My art captures the beauty of portraits or food, still-life or landscapes. I have spent many years developing my craft and love to capture many different subjects.




These are just phenomenal!! You captured not only the day, the details and the love. But you captured myself and Joel’s true characters and relationship so beautifully.

Thank you so much Sonja! Your art will be on display in our home for a life time! We can’t thank you enough. Blown us away is an understatement!

The most grateful newly married couple,
Mr and Mrs Williamson”